The Nissan LEAF ProPilot Enhances Driver Efforts

July 31st, 2019 by

Many drivers are tired of vehicles that burn excessive amounts of fuel and offer few robust safety technologies. The good news is, the iconic electric vehicle known as the Nissan LEAF solves all of these issues and many more. This emission free electronic vehicle gets drivers where they need to go in style and comfort, and it also includes a number of technologies that boost vehicle occupant safety. High on this list of safety boosting technologies is the Nissan ProPilot Assist system.

The Nissan LEAF ProPilot Assist is a type of technological supervisor for the overall cruise control system. As such, the ProPilot Assist technology can control many functions that include overall vehicle speed, speed relative to flows of traffic, and even braking service. These abilities culminate to allow the Nissan ProPilot Assist service to take over many vehicular operations on behalf of weary drivers.

In addition to the many cruise-control-centric features available to the ProPilot Assist system, Nissan LEAF drivers also get extra help from specialized lane-keeping technologies. While it may be easy for drivers to stay in their lanes on straightaways, it can be much more challenging for them to do so while they negotiate tight curves. The ProPilot Assist system can deploy a number of technologies that practically take the wheels out of driver's hands during turns. As such, this system can allow drivers to easily keep their vehicles centered and balanced even during higher velocity turns.


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