Nissan Versa Note’s Gas Mileage and Handling

July 31st, 2019 by

The awesome Nissan Versa Note attracts consumers who want a good ride and a roomy car. Because of the super-low sticker price, it’s one of the best cars to start out in, but other features attract too like performance features and fuel economy.

To begin with, the 1.6-liter engine offers real spirit and energy. The attached CVT automatic transmission serves the engine well, finding the best performance range and keeping the Versa Note where the engine really shines. As a result, the Versa Note comes in with an impressive 39 mpg.

After fuel economy, a subcompact car can often offer incredible handling, and the Versa Note delivers nice steering. The electric power steering system makes the driving experience super responsive. You’ll find the Versa Note gives you a real feel for the road that surprises.

To appreciate the Versa Note and all it offers, come in for a test drive today!


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