Here at Simmons Nissan in Mount Airy, we have a wide variety of used SUVs currently out on the lot for sale, including many popular Nissan models, so if you're searching for a great quality used Nissan SUV to take on new adventures ahead or to tow your family around town, we've got you covered with our dealership's quality used SUV inventory!

Why You Should Consider Buying a Used SUV

Buying a quality used Nissan SUV from our Mount Airy dealership means that you'll be getting much the same great vehicle that you would have bought brand-new with all the features and extras you love for your Nissan vehicle, but without paying the price of a brand-new model.

Don't forget that the savings aren't just on the initial price. When you buy a used vehicle, you're going to pay significantly less for insurance than you would for a brand-new car. Plus, since used cars don't depreciate at the high rate that new ones do, you can sell it down the line for more of the initial purchasing price than if you'd bought new. This means that, because of one purchase, you're essentially saving twice!

Visit Our Dealership and See Our Used SUV Inventory Today

So, if you or someone you know around Mount Airy is looking for a quality used Nissan SUV for a great price, then come and see us here at Simmons Nissan and check out our full inventory of used SUVs, from Nissan brand as well as many other great brands today! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates know about each of our used vehicles and are ready to work with you on finding the right vehicle to suit your needs and budget, as well as any finance assistance that you may need.

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