Nissan recently introduced the all-electric Ariya to their lineup of vehicles. The SUV is a more luxurious option compared to the company's Leaf hatchback.


The New Ariya is available with a single motor or a dual motor setup. The single motor, 63 kWh backpack, and FWD deliver 215-horsepower and 221 pounds-foot of torque. The dual-motor configuration comes with an 87-kWh battery pack and AWD technology known as e-4ORCE. The front motor pulls the vehicle while the rear motor pushes to deliver an unbelievably smooth, quiet ride.

The dual system produces 389 horsepower and 443 pounds-foot of torque. In this way, the vehicle provides the traction needed in all situations while making the SUV easier to maneuver.

Futuristic Interior

The clutter-free interior has an open lounge-like feel. The five-passenger SUV ensures comfort via the slenderized zero gravity seats that allow for more head and legroom.

The dashboard is clean and unencumbered. Dual 12.3-inch screens mesh together and come to life once the front seats are occupied. Drivers get a digital screen displaying vehicle function that connects to the touchscreen. Customize the display or select a menu option by touch or voice command.

The digital climate controls remain hidden until occupants take their places in the front seats.

To make seat adjustments, merely touch the icons or use voice commands. The electronically powered center console slides forward or back as desired independent of the seats.

ProPilot Assist 2.0

The technological package alleviates some of the stress associated with driving and parking. Advanced adaptive cruise control automatically assumes control of the vehicle in heavy traffic to adjust speed to ebb and go with the flow. Under less congested circumstances, the technology helps drivers change lanes, pass other vehicles, or maintain the path while monitoring the surroundings to prevent potential disaster.

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