Changing Your Car's Flat Tire Without Incident

Changing a flat tire on your vehicle is a lot easier and safer when you follow this simple step-by-step guide.
  1. Always move the vehicle off the road before working on the flat tire, even if you have to ride on the rim a few feet.
  2. Be sure to loosen up the lugs a turn or two before using the car jack.
  3. Jack the vehicle high enough so the flat tire is no longer in contact with the road surface.
  4. Remove the loose lugs, remove the tire, replace with the spare tire, put the lugs back on.
  5. Don't tighten the lugs while the vehicle is in the air.
  6. Lower the jack, now that the car is back on the ground, tighten the lug nuts all the way.
  7. Put away your tools and the flat into your trunk.
Keep up with your tire rotation appointments at Simmons Nissan Inc so we can spot tire trouble early.



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