Nissan Titan Trucks Couple Performance Features with Comfort

The patented Endurance 5.6-liter DOHC V8 engine installed on all 2018 Nissan Titan trucks provides best-in-class towing and starting capabilities. The 390 horsepower 32-valve motor can haul up to 9,400 lbs. and carry 1,610 lbs. of the payload by offering 394 lb-ft of torque. This combined with an excellent frame makes this one beefy truck.

You won't have to worry about starting power even when it gets extremely cold since Nissan's engineers decided to couple a 200-amp alternator with a 550 CCA battery to ensure that you get a perfect start every single time.

Performance features don't have to come at the cost of luxury, however. These redesigned trucks feature huge crew and king-sized cabs that offer plenty of legroom. If you're interested in seeing just how spacious the crew cab version of the Nissan Titan really is, then pay a visit to Simmons Nissan Inc today.



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