What Makes Your Engine Overheat?

Most instances of overheating are due to several common causes. Extreme temperatures that may be caused by a variety of problems can be the culprit. Following are reasons why your engine may get too hot and not operate properly.

Extreme temperatures caused by pressure or insufficient coolant can cause high temperatures that can cause your engine to overheat. A faulty radiator or radiator fan is another reason. Pump hose or thermostat failures can lead to leaks or bearing problems that produce overheating. Damaged hoses can also play a part in inadequate engine cooling.

No matter what the source, an overheated engine on the streets of Mount Airy, NC is a source of significant problems. Whenever you see signs of a hot engine, bring your vehicle in to the service department at Simmons Nissan Inc for inspection. Our certified technicians will make sure that the problem is quickly diagnosed and repaired to avoid any damage.

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