For Roadside Emergencies, Awareness Is Everything

Having a smoky engine that is followed by a shutdown can be a scary and nerve-wrenching event for anyone. Yet there are steps that you can take to minimize any risks of further trouble with the traffic that is on the road. Whether on the highway or street, making sure that other drivers are aware of your vehicle's presence is important. Here's why:

Drivers have lots of things that they must be vigilant about, especially when a broken-down car is close to them. As you make your way over to the shoulder lane to park on the side of the road, turning on the hazardous duty lights is mandatory. After carefully exiting the car from the right door, open the hood of your vehicle. If you have flares, cones, or triangles, you should place them close to the car is able to do so safely. This will increase the visibility of your car and/or the passengers that are stranded with you.

After the ordeal is finished and you are away from the scene, you should think about the preventive steps you can take to avoid a headache from happening again. Come to Simmons Nissan Inc and let us look at your engine to fix any signs of lingering trouble. Help us make your driving in Mount Airy, NC safer!

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